Smooth Flight Support HRMS

📢 Introducing Our New HRMS Software! 🚀

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our state-of-the-art HRMS web-based software, designed exclusively for Smooth Flight Support Pvt Ltd! 🎉

Managing employees efficiently and ensuring seamless HR operations is now easier than ever with our comprehensive system. Let’s dive into the key features that make our HRMS software a game-changer:


👥 Employee Section: Say goodbye to manual record-keeping! Our user-friendly interface allows you to effortlessly add and edit basic employee details. You can track their on-board or off-board status, and view job history, including designation, salary grade, employment type, contract dates, and more. Plus, filter out off-board employees quickly!

💼 Salary Slips: Generating and distributing salary slips has never been simpler. With just a click, our software pops up a window offering the option to send salary slips via email or download them instantly.

💰 Payroll Management: Say goodbye to complex calculations! Our payroll management form lets you enter details like year, month, employee selection, incentives, allowances, stamp duty, and APIT. Click "generate," and voila! A salary sheet is created and linked to the salary slip option in the employee section.

📜 Agreements: Keep all your company agreements in one place! Our software enables you to upload and manage employee agreements and other renewals. Rest assured, the system will automatically send email notifications when agreements are due for renewal, ensuring you never miss an important deadline.

📊 Dashboard: Get a comprehensive overview of your HR landscape at a glance! Our dashboard provides real-time insights into the number of agreements, total employees, current staff count, and upcoming agreement expirations. Stay informed and in control!

📂 Document Management: No more digging through stacks of paper or searching endlessly for shared documents. Our system allows you to upload and store daily access or shared documents for easy retrieval and seamless collaboration.

Anuradha Perera ( Founder / CEO)
Employee Management | Payroll Management | Documents Management | Email Notifications / SMS